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13 sweets and local dishes of United States:

Not all typical foods in the United States originate in the country, but they have become quite well-known and make any tourist’s mouth water despite this. You cannot travel to the USA without trying some of the most well-known typical dishes.

The cuisine of the United States is well known for fast-food restaurants. However, Americans also tend to eat real food. It is just not common to eat rice and beans every day, like us. They tend to vary a lot concerning carbohydrates and proteins, such as replacing rice with mashed potatoes.

Although I am not very healthy and most of them are sweet, I confess that I quite like what the country has to offer in terms of cuisine and, just thinking about each of these typical sweets from the United States (savory ones too), I already that longing hits and the desire to prepare one to eat.

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Typical food in the United States

Waffle is one of the typical foods in the United States.

  1. pancakes
  2. Mac and Cheese
  3. Buffalo Wings
  4. Apple pie
  5. Brownie
  6. waffles
  7. cheesecake
  8. cookie
  9. S’more
  10. Pizza
  11. Peanut butter
  12. Smoothies
  13. Hot dog


What to eat in the United States?

  1. Pancakes

American pancakes have thicker and fluffy dough.

In the United States, having pancakes for breakfast is just as important as having coffee for the first meal of the day. American pancakes have a thicker and fluffy dough than the ones we are used to eating in Brazil. Besides, they are sweet, shaped like discs, and are eaten stacked on the plate.

Some Americans usually eat pancakes with maple syrup topping (a type of honey or molasses), with fruits, jams, chocolate, or some other sweet or topping. Others prefer to eat with savory side dishes, such as toast, bacon, eggs, sausage, among others—one of the typical foods of the United States.

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  1. Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese | Photo: Michael Rivera, via Wikimedia Commons.

It is nothing more than macaroni and cheese, but I can assure you that it is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. Although the recipe is simple and practical to make, the dish can be purchased semi-ready and instant noodles (the famous noodles).

Mac and Cheese is a mixture of different types of cheese, but the most common is cheddar. The recipe also includes butter, milk, and pasta, then everything is cooked together, and the cheese is melted with the other ingredients.


  1. Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Wings are breaded and caramelized chicken wings.

Buffalo Wings are breaded chicken wings and caramelized in a spicy sauce, which looks like barbecue. These wings are quite common in restaurants that sell portions and are served with celery, carrots, peppers, and other types of vegetables.



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  1. Apple Pie

It was from this pie that the expression “As American as apple pie” emerged.

Although not from the United States, apple pie is very present on the American table, mainly as a dessert on Thanksgiving. From this pie, the expression “As American as apple pie” emerged (As American as an apple pie). One of the typical foods of the United States.


  1. Brownie

Brownies are a kind of cake, however, smaller and harder.

One of the most traditional and delicious desserts in the United States is brownies, which are smaller and harder. Therefore, some believe that it was created by a chef who forgot to add yeast to the dough and accidentally ended up creating this cake. The famous brownies are easy to make and abound on the American table.


  1. Waffles

A waffle is a pressed dough served with sweet and savory side dishes.

It is also quite typical for American breakfast or as a snack in the late afternoon. Like the pancake, the waffle is a pressed dough. However, a little thinner and can also be served with the same side dishes, both sweet and savory.


  1. Cheesecake

It is a mixture of cake and pie, prepared with cream cheese or ricotta.

Cheesecake is the most common dessert in the United States. It is a mixture of cake and pie, prepared with cream cheese or ricotta cheese, which is why it is called cheesecake. Although the main ingredient is cheese, cheesecake has different toppings, such as chocolate, lemon, passion fruit, strawberry, ice cream, and many other delicacies that enhance the flavors of this delicious dessert.


  1. Cookie

Cookies are small chocolate chip cookies, both black and white.

They are small cookies with chocolate drops, both black and white, and are served for breakfast, afternoon snack, or can only be eaten as a snack. Cookies are quite famous among Americans. It is a straightforward recipe to make, just adding butter, sugar, chocolate, and vanilla to the dough and the chocolate chips—one of the typical foods of the United States.


  1. S’more

It’s basically a biscuit sandwich with marshmallow and melted chocolate.

You sure have seen in those afternoon session movies kids at camp roasting marshmallows over the fire. S’more consists of marshmallows melted with chocolate, placed between two pieces of the Graham cracker.

It is basically a biscuit sandwich with marshmallow and melted chocolate, quite famous among the kids, especially in the camps or during the Christmas season.


  1. Pizza

Americans eat pizza at any time.

Pizzas are famous all over the world. After all, who doesn’t love pizza ?! Americans eat pizza at any time, and it is quite common to find stores in all regions of the United States that sell only the slices as if they were our drumsticks here. American pizzas are different from ours. The portions of pasta are thinner and have fewer fillings; however, some flavors are peculiar to us, such as ham with pineapple.

This delight is so common in the United States that there are places that sell the piece of pizza for only U 1 dollar. I’ve seen a promotion for two pieces of pizza plus a soda for just $ 2.


  1. Peanut butter

This peanut buttercream is found in any market in the United States.

Peanut butter is made only with boiled or roasted peanuts and then crushed to a paste. This accompaniment is like our butter for breakfast or an afternoon snack. It cannot be missed and is included in everything whenever possible, especially in the famous loaf of bread together with the jam.

This cream or peanut butter is found in any market in the United States, but it can be made at home, too, just using shelled boiled peanuts in a processor or blender to form the paste. Another delicious food was typical of the United States.


  1. Smoothies

Smoothies are like our fruit smoothies but more ice cream.

Smoothies are quite common and found in the USA. They are like our fruit smoothies but icier. In fact, they are frozen.

The ingredients include yogurt, ice cream based on yogurt, milk, and the desired fruits, the most traditional of which is banana with strawberry. This drink is quite common in the summer as it is refreshing and healthy. They are found in ice cream parlors, snack bars, and mobile carts.


  1. Hot dog

American hot dog is quite simple: bread with sausage.

In the United States, hot dogs are much more basic than ours. They think that everything we put does not match, and the taste ends up mixing. The famous American hot dog is quite simple and is nothing more than bread with a sausage, a sweet and sour sauce, pickles, mustard, and ketchup. Just that, but I’ll warn you, it’s very addictive and delicious.

Of course, in some American states, like Chicago, there are different hot dogs with more ingredients and more similar to those in Brazil. See more about what to eat in Chicago, post about it.

But those with few things are typical of the United States and the best known. In any of the tourist spots in the country, there is a stall. There are some cases where you will find only the bread with the sausage, which I also guarantee is very tasty.


Classic US Food Tips

Usually, breakfast is the meal that has the most food to sustain, such as eggs, bacon, pancakes, waffle, among others. For lunch, it is possible to choose a mashed potato with a fillet of meat, chicken or fish with vegetables. If you prefer a piece of pizza, it also goes very well.

At dinner, it can be something like lunch or any of these delicacies mentioned above. Although breakfast is very hearty, dinner is the most important meal for Americans. After the meal, a dessert comes, like a s’more, cheesecake, a cookie, or just a piece of brownie.

There are many options when trying these delights! The good thing is that you can eat a little of each at different times of the day. Going on a diet to the United States is not exactly a good option, as you will stop experiencing all these delights.

There’s a really cool video about the flavors of the United States. It is part of a series produced by the official tourism website in the United States. Watch below what brings a special place in Florida.

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