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17 typical American Food United States foods

The cuisine of a particular place is as particular as its landscapes and sights. Through it, we can find stories, curiosities and, of course, have the pleasure of delighting ourselves with a certain delicacy. And with American food, it couldn’t be different!

Despite being considered the king of fast foods, the United States also has a very characteristic cuisine, even though the Americans have built an image that does not show exactly that to outsiders. 

To demystify this distorted view of the country, we created the definitive list of American food, with 17 typical foods from the United States. Ready to be surprised?

American Food: Typical United States Food

Even amid the bombardment of information that encourages the culture of fast food, it is important to say that the cuisine of the United States is as rich as that of any other country. This means that it has its particularities, different variations, and ingredients that we may or may not find elsewhere in the world.

Besides, we must not forget that the history and formation of the United States were due to the migration of the most diverse peoples, coming from all corners of the world. Different culinary influences came with these migratory processes, which little by transformed the typical foods of the United States into a true cultural melting pot – as well as the country itself, whose main characteristic is a mixture of people from different cultures.

Ready to embark on this culinary adventure?

1: American pancakes 

You must have seen in a movie, series, or American commercial a character eating pancakes and covering them in syrup, right? Well then. Pancakes are part of the typical United States food.

It is very traditional for breakfast and is completely different from what we Brazilians are used to eating for lunch or dinner. American pancakes are thick, served in a circular shape, with fruit or syrup.

American Food 2: Apple Pie

It was not invented in the United States, but it is considered one of the typical foods of the United Statesof the family, almost like that best friend of yours who is very close to family members. For this reason, the expression “as American as an apple pie” ended up becoming popular among the inhabitants of the country.

This pie consists of a layer of dough – which can be flaked or called “rotten dough,” which is nothing more than crushed cookies mixed with butter – filled with thin slices of apple, covered with a creamy mixture. This all goes into the oven and can then be served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

American Food 3: Pork ribs and barbecue sauce


Although in the United States the concept of barbecue is a little different from ours, pork ribs with barbecue sauce are very famous in this social event. They are usually served with french fries and a lot of sauce. The dish was created around 1861 during the Civil War.

With so many years of history, it is clear that we can consider this appetizing dish as one of the main typical foods in the United States.

4: Brownie

The brownie also became a fever in Brazil. In the canteens of college, work, college, or even with vendors circulating from side to side, the brownie is a typical American dish.

There is no right origin for this delicacy, but it is believed that an American housewife ended up not remembering to add baking powder to the cake. He baked it, and, looking through the oven glass, she realized that it hadn’t grown but decided to taste it anyway, resulting in this delicious dessert.

Brownie recipes can vary a lot according to the taste of those who are making them. Traditionally, they take pieces of nuts, dark chocolate, and ingredients common to traditional cake recipes: eggs, milk, butter, and sugar. 

American Food 5: Hamburger

The hamburger, for sure, is one of the trademarks of the American country and is synonymous with American food. It is made from ground and cooked meat. The sandwich itself has many variants, being assembled according to the one who will devour the dish.

German immigrants from Hamburg brought in this recipe. And is not that the name stayed?

American Food 6: Meatloaf

Another typical American dish that you may have seen in a movie is the meatloaf. As its name already says, it is a baked or smoked ground beefcake; this part goes according to the preference of the eaters.

This dish became famous during the Great Depression when people were no longer financially well off. It can also be served with sauces or fillings.

American Food 7: Hot Dogs

The famous American hot dog is far from being the same as what we eat here in Brazil. This typical dish of US cuisine is prevalent in New York.

Its base is bread with sausage, but it is also possible to add pickles, ketchup, sweet and sour sauce, chili, sauerkraut, or mustard.

8: Fried chicken

Another protagonist of films and series. Fried chicken, or “fried chicken,” is one of the most popular American foods. It consists of seasoned, breaded, and fried pieces of chicken.

It is very associated with the gastronomy of the Southern United States and can be considered an appetizer, accompanied by french fries, coleslaw, boiled corn, mashed potatoes, and, amazingly, beans!

American Food 9: Macaroni and Cheese

Anyone who watched the series “ Everybody Hates Chris ” knows what we’re talking about. The typical macaroni and cheese is a trademark of Americans, so it is served on Thanksgiving.

The traditional recipe consists of tube-type pasta, beaten eggs, and a lot, but a lot, cheese. Besides, macaroni and cheese can also be considered a popular food during the Great Depression in 1929.

American Food 10: Waffles

Every Stranger Things fan knows very well what typical American dish we are going to treat now. So, hold the Eleven in you and read on !.

Although it has Belgian origin, this dish is widely consumed in the United States, especially for breakfast. The waffle batter has long been used as a wafer for Catholic religious ceremonies. Today it can be tasted with various accompaniments. 

American Food 11: Pumpkin Pie

Americans have a huge fondness for pumpkins, so much so that they use them for Halloween decorations. This could not be different in cooking.

Pumpkin pie is present, especially on Thanksgiving, and its most common ingredients are pumpkin, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, and whipped cream.

Curiosity: the pumpkins used on Halloween are reused in the pies since the Thanksgiving holiday occurs after this celebration.

American Food 12: S’more

Another trademark of American films: marshmallows. This typical American dish is very successful in the camps, especially when we refer to the typical image of roasting them over the fire.

Its recipe is simple: marshmallows melted with chocolate, placed in the middle of two cookies in the style of a cream cracker—a delicious snack for fans of sweet and sour food.

13: Key West lemon pie

Very popular in the city of Key West and also found in Florida, lemon pie is a recipe that could easily pass for a typical Brazilian food.

For its preparation, we have as main ingredients the condensed milk and the Tahiti lemon. This dessert is usually presented with meringue as a topping, which can be mashed to give a different look to the candy and make all the difference in flavor!

American Food 14: Jambalaya

This typical food in the United States is widespread in Louisiana, specifically in New Orleans. As a result of the mixture of French, Spanish, indigenous, and black people, jambalaya was born.

The recipe is simple: rice, chorizo, prawns, and vegetables, and may vary according to the taste of those who will prepare it.

15: Twinkies

As we have already seen, frying is a widespread factor in the United States. It is for this reason that twinkies enter this list of typical American foods.

They are soft-textured dumplings filled with cream. They are commonly eaten as a snack and can be found very easily in supermarkets.

16: Alaskan Salmon

More than typical American American food, this dish is Alaskan food! To ensure a unique experience when visiting the United States, you will need to taste Alaskan wild salmon. To make you even more surprised, the recipe can be made in the extreme climate of the region. In Alaska, wild salmon are caught and used to create a tasty recipe full of health benefits.

American Food 17: Cioppino

In San Francisco, cioppino is very successful. Like the French dish called “bouillabaisse,” cioppino, in addition to typical American food, is the darling of the region’s inhabitants.

Cioppino consists of a type of stew that can take seafood, tomatoes, peppers, fish, different types of wine; in short, a wide variety of ingredients. Although it has a name linked to the French, its origin comes from Italian immigrants, which explains a large amount of seafood, tomato sauce, and wine in the recipe.


As you can see, there is a lot to explore in American cuisine. Among sweets, snacks, full meals, and snacks, some typical food from the United States will please you! And it’s not just food that you can find in this country so craved for travel, click here and find out more about the United States. Who knows, this may not be your next destination? 

So, which of these dishes made your mouth water? Tell us in the comments and see more tips on the destinations most sought after by Brazilians who wish to live in another country here on the CI blog

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