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Foods from the United States to do with children

There is no national cuisine, original to the country – the current  North American Cuisine is highly diversified, varying from region to region, depending on the population and culture of the region.

Everyday American breakfast (or breakfast) foods are beaten eggsbaconpancakescereals, and loaves of bread with peanut butter, accompanied with coffee or orange juice, most of the time. The American’sAmerican’slunch is light – the reasons are the limited time available for lunch for workers and students. Lunch can be simple to the point that it consists of just a single sandwich and that’sthat’sit. Dinner for most American families is the main dish of the day.

The Cuisine of the United States of America is an adapted set of various cuisines. Before the arrival of Europeans, the American Indian diet was based on three main ingredients that Americans still consume throughout the country: corn, beans, and pumpkin. They are found in Grits (oatmeal), cornbread, and Hoppin John in the South, Tortillas in the southwest, Cooked Beans and Succotash in the northeast, and Pumpkin Pie (Pumpkin Pie) across the country at Thanksgiving time or Thanksgiving Day. Of the African slaves were the barbecues and grillsfried foods, and the use of various vegetables as side dishes, in addition to spicy sauces.

In each region, a  cuisine.

Anyone of any culinary preference can fully satisfy their appetite in the United States. In gastronomy, it is also possible to perceive the ethnic mix in this varied country.

In large cities, the kitchen fast or “fast food“”is the predominant note. You live hurriedly, so breakfast and dinner become the main meals of the day, while lunch is lighter. Eggs with bacon, toast, juice, fruit, and coffee are customary at the beginning of the day to withstand the complex work rhythm. Lunch, however, can consist of a salad, a sandwich or hamburger, or a hot dog accompanied by any fizzy drink. Because urban North Americans have little time to eat, so it is a matter of restoring their strength minimally to endure the evening journey. Typical is the image of the shacks on the streets of hot dogs to which anyone, from executives to homemakers, ceaselessly come at noon. Also, fast food restaurant chains, such as hamburgerssandwich shops, or pizzerias, fill up to the top during lunch.

Arriving home in the afternoon, things change. Dinner is the most substantial food of the day and usually consists of a first plate-based salad or pasta, meat or fish in the second, and sweet good in dessert accompanied by a giant glass of milk. At the end of the week, these customs change slightly, since by waking up a little later, Americans combine breakfast with lunch, creating what they call brunch. It consists of crepespies, cream, and salmon with cream of cheese, among other alternatives.

But don’tdon’tbe discouraged, you don’tdon’thave to follow this food regime. Numerous restaurants, most of which are open hours, open their doors to offer everything that can stimulate your appetite. ItalianGreekFrenchGermanChineseIndianJapaneseRussian Cuisine, and in some places, also Spanish. You can eat any Italian pasta accompanied by the best espresso, the best Chinese mushrooms with bamboo, or the famous Dim Sum, a Chinese menu formed with stuffed and other portions of food, Munich sausages accompanied by the best beer, or the tremendous red caviar arrived directly from Russia.

And if you look for a little more, sure that it will be easy to taste a good paella made with the best olive oil as on the beaches of Valencia. As for the price, you can choose from a great offer, from astronomical prices to the most insignificant. Make reservations in advance, and remember that if there is food leftover, it is customary to put it in a bag ( doggy-bags ) to take home, including in luxury restaurants.

In the western part of the United States, you will eat excellent meats. Extensive pastures for cattle make the meat quality excellent, although the variety in the kitchen is not very wide. The barbecue ribs began to be exported to other countries as income consists of ribs with a seasoned special, baked slowly in the barbacoa, as its name implies.

You can, besides, taste excellent. 

Chopsentrecote or filets mignon always accompanied by boiled sweet potatoes, fries or with various sauces. The potted chicken, a specialty in the states of IndianaMissouri, and Ohio, is delicious and if you have the opportunity, be sure to try the agria cream cake , covered with Paso de Corinto meringue , it is beautiful and is often eaten in Minnesota , Wisconsin and Indiana. You can also find good fish in the vicinity of the Great Lakes .

In the east, the possibilities are endless, but seafood prevails , especially in the coastal area, it is very fresh and well prepared. You can find any Latin specialty in this region, such as Cuban food , roast suckling pig, or Moorish crabs and enjoy it while listening to the Caribbean sounds of a good group.

In the southern part of the United States , bordering Mexico , the influence of Pancho Vila’sVila’scountry food can be felt under the name “”ex-Mex “” The chile truly spicy, goes very well with the red meats . Try the tacos or nachos , corn omelets stuffed with everything you can imagine, such as meat, peppers, tomatoes, onions, melted cheese, etc., accompanied with various sauces.

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They are delicious and remember that they must be eaten with your hands. Also, try the baked and fried beans with abundant chile. The Mexican food is usually very spicy, so you always have to reach a good margaritatequila and lime juice ice cream, and the edge of the cup honeydew salt. It may turn out to be strange, though. It is simply delicious.

In the South, the simplicity of the dishes reveals a strong influence of English cuisine. In the northeast, the influence of blacks who worked in cotton production can be seen in Fried Chicken or Galinha Frita. Further North, in the Carolinas region (North and South), the staple food is rice, present in Hoppin John and Charleston Red Rice. In Lousiana, there are two famous cuisines, Creola and Cajun, of French influence, with many dishes based on rice and seafood and Spanish, African, and Caribbean influences.

But no people influenced  American Cuisine as much as the Italians, who began to reach the New World in the early 19th century. The Chinese food arrived with the first construction workers of the railways, and in the last decades of the last century, there was a considerable increase in the popularity of Chinese food. During the 60s and 70s, Asians emigrated en masse to the USA, taking their Cuisine with them, full of bittersweetsavory, and spicy flavors.

Long before Europeans arrived in the New World, the American Indians’Indians’diet was based on three main ingredients, which remain a little everywhere until today: corn, beans, and pumpkin.

Its importance continues throughout the country, in the form of Grits (oatmeal), cornbread and Hoppin John in the South, Tortillas and Pinto Beans in the Southwest, Cooked Beans and Succotash in the Northeast, and the pie pumpkin (Pumpkin Pie) throughout the country around the time of Thanksgiving.

Many of the most enduring influences were brought by African slaves. Thanks to them, barbecues and grills, fried foods, and the use of various vegetables as side dishes, as well as spicy sauces, are so popular today.

The cuisines of the different regions of the United States were accurate adaptations of the eating habits of the countries of origin of immigrants to the specific geo-climatic conditions of each region of the USA.

The simplicity of the Cuisine of the American Northeast reflects a profound influence of English cuisine. In contrast, in the South, it denotes the presence of the old black colonies, slaves working in cotton production (a good example is the fried chicken (Fried Chicken), the smokehouses of the Virginia region, or even the bacon).

Further North, in the Carolinas region (North and South), the food base is rice, present in Hoppin John and Charleston Red Rice.

In Lousiana, there are two famous cuisines, Creola and Cajun, of French influence, with many dishes based on rice and seafood, Spanish, African and Caribbean influence, due to its historical route.

In the South of the USA, we find many influences from Latin America, especially in terms of Achillestortillas , guacamoles, and the indiscriminate use of tomatoes to prepare culinary dishes, which also occurs in the Southeast and Southwest.

In these areas, it is also widespread to meet the pork and beef cow, but these ingredients have a Spanish origin and not the native peoples of Latin America.

In the Midwest, the German influence was more substantial, which made, for example, Milwaukee the national capital of beer.

But no people influenced American Cuisine as much as the Italians, who began to reach the New World in the early 19th century.

Pizzas, Osso Buco, Minestrone portions of pasta are some of the most common dishes across the country.


The Chinese food arrived in the US with the first workers of the construction of railways, iron.

Like the Chinese, by choice or by obligation, were for a long time separated from American society and kept in actual ghettos. Only in the last few decades has the Chinese cuisine boom in the country, primarily through the increase in the popularity of Chinatowns.

During the 60s and 70s, Southeast Asia people immigrated en masse to the USA, taking their Cuisine with them, full of sweet and savory, savory and spicy flavors.

The California region was one of the few to develop its Cuisine, primarily due to the attempt made in that region to prevent European Cuisine from being copied, proof of a true patriotic spirit.

Even today, the so-called Californian Cuisine is synonymous with the use of seasonal foods and fresh products.

We could not finish without referring to Fast Food, which still connotes typical American food today.

With the development of techniques for freezing food, microwaves, and a whole lifestyle in which time is money, the American Way of Life has propelled the proliferation of this type of food.

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Mix of flavors

Realizing the essence of the United States’States’gastronomy is the same as going around the world in flavors. The various influences of the people who have lived there for hundreds of years have made American Cuisine multi-diversified and different.

Some very characteristic ingredients of North American food are related to the ancestral roots of the Indians, who were responsible for making corn one of the main ingredients of this country’s-country’s food.

But the influences of other peoples, like the Chinese and the Italians, and the slaves of Africa, contributed a lot to create extraordinary gastronomy and different identities.

The burgershot dogspizzasbarbecuespretzels are some of the most popular dishes, also influenced by cinema. But there are other exciting strands of cultures and peoples worldwide that have made the Cuisine of the United States of America unique.

The most famous dishes are all inspired and adapted in the world of immigrants who are now Americans. The best-known dishes have distinct roots from the four continents, such as Apple Pie, Italian origins, and lasagnaThe barbecues that are very characteristic of Mexico, the brownies, more in the English style and the noodles, objectively oriental. Or the so-called “meatloaf,” a meatloaf inspired by Europe and introduced to America by the Germans, are some examples.

A mixture of flavors of the world, reinvented by the Americans.


  1. Typical United States Foods

Waffles are a typical American breakfast dish but also served as a dessert or afternoon snack. 

Its recipe includes flour, sugar, yeast, salt, milk, and oil. Its shape can be round, square, or rectangular. To make it even tastier, its topping can be honey, sugar, or a traditional syrup called maple syrup. 

Although popular in the United States, Waffles emerged during the  Middle Ages, in a region where Belgium is now located.

Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs, typical American food, are succulent pork ribs cooked and topped with barbecue sauce

Its origin is attributed to the American Civil War (1861–65). Its preparation techniques vary according to the region, including differences in the cut of the meat, the ingredients of the sauce, and the type of accompaniment.

In general, the dish also consists of a portion of potato chips.

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken is delicious American food and consists of delicious pieces of chicken specially seasoned and fried. Traditionally, the dish is served with french fries or other side dishes, such as coleslaw, boiled corn, American-style beans (baked beans), or mashed potato.

Usually, this dish is associated with the southern states of the United States. 

Hot dog

Hot dogs are super typical food in the United States, especially in  New York. The basics are similar to the Brazilian one: sausage in Movado bread. But there are also options with pickles, ketchup, mustardsweet and sour sauce, chili, and sauerkraut. It all depends on where it is served.

The traditional American hot dog is delicious and differs a little from what we know. Many have curiosities and want to try the traditional hot dog, and there are plenty of places for that. One of the experts is Gray’sGray’sPapaya was founded in 1976, and today it is so famous that it has appeared in some North American series, such as How I Met Your Mother and Sex and the City, and in some films such as Message to you, starring by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.


The tradition of some places in New York is a significant factor in getting to know typical foods. A beautiful example is Grimaldo’sGrimaldo’sPizzeria, a renowned pizzeria that is located in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Douglaston (Queens). The pizzas are made in a brick oven, giving them a very different flavor than those made in a wood or gas oven.

Corned Beef on Rye

The American pancake is part of the traditional breakfast of the country. And they are pretty different from what we are used to eating for lunch. American pancakes are thick, served in a disk format, and usually with maple syrup (a kind of honey), fruit, or jams.

Pancakes are consumed in many other countries, but it was in the USA that this food became a traditional food. 

Unlike South and Central America, it is eaten there with maple syrup or honey as a sauce. That is, it is consumed as sweet.

Club Sandwich

It is also called a Clubhouse sandwich. It is a sandwich with toasted bread stuffed with turkey, bacon, tomato, lettuce, and mayonnaise

The origin is still a cause for debate, but it is known that the first references to food come from the Union Club of the City of New Yorke, a private New York club.


BLT is a sandwich, and it stands for Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato. These are its essential ingredients and, therefore, the name BLT. Despite the three essential ingredients, there are variations for this delicious and super easy sandwich to prepare!

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes. Considered one of the main typical American dishes, it is widely consumed on Thanksgiving Day, an important date in US culture. 

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Unmistakably American, the cheeseburger is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of American food.

Very connected to fast food, you can find this sandwich in any corner of the country.


Few things look more like the United States than a good hamburger. This typical food in the United States is made with ground (mostly beef) meat and cooked. The sandwich can be assembled with different sauces and side dishes. The recipe was brought by German immigrants from Hamburg and increased by the Americans, who added the bread.

The hamburger is a dish very present in the culture of American Cuisine, although it is not a dish created in the country. The popularization of this dish led to new variations, ranging from meat hamburgers with various filling options to vegetarian options.

The dish was not created in the USA, but with many fast-food stores, it is a significant milestone in the country’scountry’sCuisine. There is no way you can talk about local food without touching the favorite dish of many Americans, hamburgers with fried fries, besides having great marketing for the films and programs that have the USA as a background.

Apple Pie

It is an apple stuffed pie baked in the oven. It is also one of the main dishes in the United States, served most of the time as a dessert.

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie. Another food consumed on Thanksgiving Day. It is a sweet sometimes served as a dessert. It is considered one of the leading traditional dishes in the country.

Key Lime Pie

The key lime pie is a lemon tart and is one of the most traditional desserts in the United States! Cookie base, and a filling with lots of lemons and condensed milk and on top, quite a lot of whipped cream

Cobb Salad

The cobb salad is a delicious salad that can even be served as a main dish. Its main ingredients are bacon, avocado, green leaves, eggs, and cheese. It is not a very light salad, but it is delicious!

Biscuits and Gravy

This is one of the most typical foods in American Cuisine. Biscuits are very delicious rolls born in the southern United States, and gravy is a kind of white sauce where you can add other ingredients!

Mac and Cheese

This is a super traditional dish on the American table and is macaroni and cheese! It is a typical “comfort food “” The ingredients are straightforward and it’sit’sdelicious!

Baked Beans

Americans also eat beans! However, the American recipe is slightly sweet, and the beans are roasted.

Buffalo Wing

Buffalo wings are fried and spicy chicken wings that are very popular in the United States. They are usually accompanied by chips or onion rings. 


A kind of ground meat cake, which is usually roasted or smoked, became popular in the depression years of the country today; it is more elaborate with sauces and varied fillings.


The best-known dessert throughout the country consists of scoops of ice cream with some chocolate, strawberry, or caramel topping.


It is the American barbecue, and they prefer different sauces that they put in the meat. Pork is the most used for barbecue.

Penne a la Vodka

It is made with penne and vodka, sour cream, tomato, onion, and some other condiments like bacon and sausage.


The brownie is one of the most traditional sweets in the United States. A standard theory about his invention is that cooks forgot to add yeast or flour to their preparation. Another famous theory for creating this typical dish in the United States is that a housewife forgot to add the baking powder, baked it, and only then realized that the cake did not grow but served anyway, and everyone loved it.

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