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Top 15 Typical Foods in the United States in 2021.

I selected the most beloved typical foods in the USA. What is your favorite?

The cuisine of the United States of America does not live by hamburgers alone. We selected the main US dishes from this list with gastronomy representatives from different states, from NY to Hawaii, and traditional recipes on national holidays.

Find out what to eat in the United States for breakfast, dessert, and the main course. Here there are sweets, meats, stews, vegetarian dishes, sandwiches, and other of the best typical foods in the USA, which is mainly influenced by European cuisine and native Indians and African, South American, and Asian touches.

Ps: today, probably the most consumed dishes in the USA are Mexican origins, such as burritos, nachos, tacos, and guacamole. But here, we will focus on the foods that have been around the longest in the country.

In this map of cuisine in the USA, the most consumed meats in all states are represented. (Art by Jess Fink )

  1. Bacon and eggs

The Americans learned from their English colonists and made a heavy breakfast. The day in the US usually starts with a dish well served with scrambled eggs and bacon. To accompany, the national preference varies a lot: it can be pancake, waffle, or bagel.

  1. Peanut Butter and Jelly (peanut butter and jelly)

Peanut butter is also very popular in the morning diet or snacks of Americans. Like jellies, it is used to cover or stuff slices of bread, toast, or other carbohydrates and even to accompany fruits and sweet cookies like cookies. Reinforcing the preference for high-calorie dishes in the morning.

  1. Pot Roast

One of the most popular typical foods in the United States is pot meat. This beef stew usually accompanies potatoes, carrots, and other vegetables. The most common cut of meat in this dish is what the Yankees call “chuck,” which we know as acém or needle in Brazil.

  1. Green Bean Casserole (baked bean pod)

A vegetarian dish is a classic accompaniment to Thanksgiving Day dinner. It is a classic oven-baked, based on green beans and mushroom soup, covered with fried onions.

  1. Mac’n Cheese (macaroni and cheese)

Those who watched Forgot Me remember the boy Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) savoring his macaroni and cheese just before the thieves arrived. It’s an easy dish to make: pasta of any kind, topped with cheese sauce and cheese au gratin. Restaurant chains are specializing in the dish, such as the House of Mac, pictured above.

  1. Corn Bread and Chilli (cornbread with spicy sauce)

A ubiquitous sandwich in the United States. Cornbread stuffed with chili, a stew that mixes beans, tomatoes, ground beef, pepper, and other spices to taste.

  1. Beef Meatloaf (meatloaf)

The traditional meatloaf is one of the favorite dishes of Americans, and we are used to seeing it coming out of the oven in series and films. Based on ground meat, chopped onion, parsley, cheese, eggs, and garlic, among other ingredients, are also on the plate. The sauce, typically North American, takes ketchup, mustard, and sugar.

  1. Fried Chicken

Cold chicken has it all over the world. But in the United States, this dish is taken seriously, including fast-food chains specializing in… frying chicken. It is one of Homer Simpson’s favorite dishes. The most common cuts are chest, thigh, and drumsticks. Usually breaded.

  1. Apple Pie

Usually served as a snack or dessert, apple pie is one of the main typical foods in the United States. Created by the Dutch, it first spread throughout Europe and also reached Brazil, wherein the south it gained the name “Cuca.” But in the US, it has become a national symbol, just like baseball and cheeseburger.

  1. S’Mores (wafer with chocolate and marshmallow)

Probably invented at a campfire, this hotness was listed as one of 11 iconic US dishes by The Daily Meal. Making yours is very easy: take a cookie (or cookie?) And add a generous layer of melted marshmallow fresh from the heat. Place a piece of chocolate on top and cover with another cookie. Wait a little while until the chocolate melts. Your calorie bomb is ready.

Typical US dishes, export type

Below are some typical foods from the United States that have become famous worldwide, mainly through the giant fast-food chains.

  1. Hot dog

Germans, Austrians, and Greeks dispute the origin of the sausage. But the idea of ​​serving it inside a loaf was probably from a German living in New York ( story here ). Cheap and easy snack, soon the practice spread around the world. But it is still very traditional in the USA, being the number one street food in NY.

  1. Burger

Another German contribution to US cuisine. Brought to America by an immigrant from Hamburg, this kind of spiced meatloaf in a circular shape has become one of the symbols of the USA. Served with bread and cheese, the “cheeseburger” is the favorite dish of many fictional characters, such as Dudu, a friend of sailor Popeye and Iron Man.

  1. Barbecue

At the traditional backyard barbecue in the United States, they often roast sausage and hamburgers. And in general, North Americans value the flavor of the spicy and sweet “barbecue sauce” more than that of the meat itself. But in states like Texas and Alabama, roasting is taken more seriously, especially when smoking meat. A great example of North American barbecue is the famous rib from the Outback restaurant, which is Australian only in concept.

  1. Pizza from the USA

Completely different from Brazilian and Italian pizzas, traditional US pizza is mainly divided into NY pizza and Chicago pizza, known as Deep Dish Pizza, which is as thick as a lasagna. The New York version has many similarities to the “pasta pan” style of Pizza Hut, the world’s largest chain of pizzerias.

  1. Cheesecake

The number one dessert in the USA and also the most exported. The passion for cheese pie crosses the country. From San Francisco to New York, it can be found with different topping syrups, although the most common flavor is red fruit cheesecake.

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