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Typical food in the United States in 2021.

The United States cuisine goes beyond the ultra-processed and can be a real experience for those who explore its flavors.

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It is too easy to associate typical American foods with fast foods and frozen foods. After all, those scenes of office life with quick lunches in the form of hamburgers and hot dogs don’t come out of American movies and series.

Nor can we forget the massive industrialization of food that began in the late 19th century on Obama’s land and how it directly impacts the way the West relates to eating habits today.

However, US cuisine also has a strong influence from different cultures, from the Native Americans who inhabited the region during pre-colonization to the Asian, Latin, and European immigrants who made the country their home.

With a touch here and there of miscegenation, the typical food of the United States is shaped and features unique dishes that fill the belly of travelers. Allow us, dear reader, to present 10 of the most typical delicacies of the Yankees.

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History of typical American foods
North American food habits and dishes result from a mixture of customs and ingredients from other cultures.

From the Indians who lived in the American territory, the cuisine of the United States inherited the use of corn, one of the most consumed grains and present on the table of the Americans until today.

The wave of immigrants from Italy that arrived in the country during the 20th century is the strong presence of the masses. It is common to see several Italian-American restaurants on the streets of major cities in the United States.

It is no wonder that practically every street in New York, for example, has at least a small pizzeria. Because of the strong immigration of Mexicans, it is quite common to see tacos and burritos being consumed in food trucks in San Francisco, for example.

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Typical food in the United States
In the first place of the typical dishes of the United States, the burger could not be missing. Never have two slices of bread stuffed with a lump of meat in the middle represented so much a country’s eating habits.

Additional fillings and condiments are at the discretion of each person and the offer of the snack bars. But the fact is: no restaurant in the USA does not offer a variety of hamburgers, be it the cheapest or the most full of unusual combinations.

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Hot dog
Yes, you have imagined yourself social, holding a folder and asking for a street hot dog in the middle of Brooklyn in New York.

The image of the stalls in the main squares and accesses in the city center is almost unanimous for anyone who has ever seen a movie that takes place in some big American city. The hot dog took a ride on this wave and is also one of the typical dishes of the United States.

Steak with mashed potatoes and vegetables
Do you know our rice and beans? For Americans, a ubiquitous meal is a portion of red meat, which is nothing more than fried or grilled steak, with a portion of vegetables (usually broccoli or peas) with mashed potatoes.

It is the typical dinner in American culture. Sometimes beef steak is replaced by chicken meat or vegetables by corn, but no variation is too far from the base dish.

Turkey marinated in cranberry sauce.
This one is the famous gala meal among the typical foods of the United States. Historically, roasted turkey marinated in cranberry sauce is the most symbolic meal in American culture.

It is the typical dish that marks Thanksgiving Day celebrations. The holiday originated in the 17th century and, like Christmas, has strong cultural roots for proposing a meal between family and friends to celebrate the past year.

United States cuisine and typical foods 04
Biscuits and gravy
The Biscuits and gravy, in literal translation biscuits and gravy, is one of the most popular dishes real quick breakfast in the United States, mainly in the southern states.

By the way, have you seen our route on the Kentucky Bourbon Route? There are great indications of WELL American restaurants where you can find the dishes indicated here.
Biscuits and gravy are nothing more than two pasta biscuits covered in meat sauce or a variant called the Sawmill, made from port sausages, white flour, and milk.

Some recipes add pieces of bacon or sausage and black pepper. Anyway, the dish mixes the barbecue tradition of the Southern United States right at the first meal of the day.

United States cuisine and typical foods 11
Unlike the pancakes we make in Brazil, the American pancake is open and, in most cases, it is covered with a sweet sauce like honey and the traditional one, coming straight from Canada, Maple Syrup.

The pancake is one of the typical foods of the United States, perfect for breakfast. In fact, if you have ever stayed in a hotel in North America, you must have already seen that machine that bakes a pancake on the spot and takes the round, fluffy dough to your plate with a trail ( I was more excited about the process than with taste ).

Barbecue Ribs
The barbecue ribs, the famous barbecue ribs, are slightly different from what we have here in Brazil. The cuts of meat can take hours to be roasted because they are made over low heat and, like biscuits and gravy, strongly connect with the South of the USA.

In southern states, the dish is a tradition and is always present in local restaurants and commonly prepared at parties.

Just don’t go to the American barbecue waiting for piranhas.
United States cuisine and typical foods 07
Apple Pie
A traditional sweet could not be missing. And nothing is more American and typical of the United States than the apple pie.

Unlike the pies made here in Brazil, the American way of making the sweet pie is very in that style that you may have seen in a woodpecker drawing: the iron shape, a thick dough on top, and full of creamy filling in the middle.

The candy is so intrinsic in American culture that during the 4th of July celebrations, it is commonly served as a dessert.
Clam Chowder
The Clam Chowder is a creamy soup made from shellfish, pork, onion, garlic, and potato, heavily consumed in Massachusetts during the colder months.

Shellfish are fished off the coast and have become a traditional culinary landmark in the United States, especially among residents of the Boston area.

Crab Cake
Crab Cake? A crab cake? Yes sir. Salty dumplings are widely consumed in New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland and became part of United States cuisine in the 19th century.

In addition to the crab meat, the fried dumplings still carry pieces of bread, mayonnaise, eggs, and spices.

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